The Game Of Life

Golf is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots – but you have to play the ball where it lies

Bobby Jones

That quote is one of the best I have heard, but there again I guess I am bias as I love the game of golf!

To me it is without doubt the hardest sport that I have played and that includes, football, cricket, rugby, squash, racquetball, snooker, darts and hockey, all sports that I tried over the years.

There has been times when I have nearly packed it all in and thought why am I putting myself through this torture (Friend of mine did exactly this when he found it impossible to get out of bunkers)

Why can you hit a beautiful executed drive down the middle of the fairway without any effort and on the next tee you hit it straight into the trees and beyond, why is it that you can sink a 20 foot putt on one green and the next green it goes 5 feet wide!!!

It just does not make sense, that you can hit an 80 one round and the next round it is over 100!

The torment, the agony, the anguish over the years has been immense, but I never gave up! And this is the whole point with your business or work…how many times have you thought ‘what is the point of this, it is like flogging a dead horse’ Everything closes in around you, a sense of hopelessness’, that empty feeling in the stomach! I’m not sure I can cope, sleepless nights, anxious moments, self-doubts creep in, can I cope, what can I tell the customer, taxman on your back, rent to be paid, VAT returns, the list is endless!

BUT, you know what, you get through it, over it, round it and do you know why? Because you have to, or what is the alternative, you roll over and let the bastards win or sink you…you have to keep going, you have to roll up the sleeves, small steps will get you there, bit by bit it will turn around and I should know as I have been there several times and one was a near death experience!

6 years ago I was diagnosed with a blocked carotid artery which is the main artery from the heart to the brain and without an immediate operation I could have had a stroke or aneurism at any minute, as it was I had suffered several mini strokes or TIA’s! The operation lasted 4 hours where I was totally conscious as I had to stay awake to communicate with the surgeons, scary stuff! But what was the alternative, of course there wasn’t one, no choice but to carry on and let the experts do their thing, in my case Dominic VALENTI, forever in my gratitude, a brilliant surgeon and a brilliant man, so calm and wonderfully confident, the type of human being that you rarely meet, but when you do you are in awe of his presence and his charisma!

I got over the operation and the years that followed, a change of diet, extra fitness and mind games…would it come back again, could the same thing happen, who knows, but as my dear old Mum used to say you’re here for a good time, not a long time and so we shall see, but you get your bad breaks and your good breaks, but you have to play the ball from where it lies!

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