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Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird

Those of you that have worked with us for any length of time will know that I am always referring to the constant changes that Google make to their algorithms and the implications those have on us as businesses, regardless of whether our business is small or large.

Quite a while ago (end of 2013) I referred to what is called Google Hummingbird, which effectively was a wholesale change for the search engine. It wasn’t one of those updates that affects the work (and effectively declares any past work ‘illicit’) that SEO’s have  been doing on your behalf, (namely Penguin or Panda) but moreover a search system update.

The purpose of this change seemed to me to be made in order to cater for the increased usage of mobile devices when users are browsing the internet, and indeed searching on Google.

I’m told that in 2015 up to 60% of searching will be done on a mobile device! We’ve see that particular ‘train a-comin’ for a while now, and it looks like it’s just going to arrive in the station.

Effectively, search is going semantic (that’s fancy talk for saying that Google is now starting to understand the wording of our questions). So instead of typing “Golf Club”.. you’ll be able to ask (and this also encompasses voice activated searching) “Where is the nearest 18 hole golf club” – magically Google will also be able to analyse your position, based on the geographical locater based on your mobile, and provide you with the most appropriate results.

This sounds very civilized, but Google’s continually changing algorithms (they change them more than once EVERY day, by the way) will cause some concern for ‘some’ SEO’s who have spent much time, effort and money purely building anchor text links (that’s things like articles with the key word as the link like this: JCHCommunications – but they’ve done that at the expense of a more holistic SEO approach.

Fortunately for us at JCH, this will not affect us in the slightest (in fact it will probably help us as the lesser experienced and proficient SEO’d sites will drop away

At JCH we continue to look at the whole picture. We are constantly updating and changing our approach to SEO, we produce content for your site (that the reader wants to read – not for Google), Well written content on reputable sites will continue to rank highy.. We produce Social Content and gain social signals for your site on top of this.

Additionally we build the right kind of links, from relevant, authoritative partners., but using clever techie shortcuts to manipulate your way to the top will get tougher, we don’t participate in this and so our clients can rest assured they are protected from this.

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