Off shore, …are you sure?

A word to the wise…

We have recently been inundated by off shore companies offering to partner with us in our SEO efforts.

Some of them make a very compelling offer (financially) and on the face of it, look very interesting. More so because we are certain that our clients must be getting the same influx of emails.

We have been working on the internet now for over 10 years, and it would be fair to say that we have seen pretty much most of what is out there and of course it’s our job to keep up to date with the latest and greatest from the world of the internet.

There is so much more to providing a service than just providing the service. We believe our clients buy peace of mind, communication, expertise, local knowledge, experience and so on.

Recently we thought we would try out an Indian company that offered to promote (one of our own) websites. They promised to create a number of links, and provide articles and more. (This particular company was one of the better ones, on the face of it).

The articles they produced were pretty good. We were fairly impressed; they needed a little tweak for some language corrections, but not too bad. Their report told us that our links had been made and that was fine.

We won’t bore you with a running commentary but as time went on, the quality of the work was just awful. The articles needed so much re writing, we may have well written them ourselves. We called their office and to be honest the language barrier made it too stressful to actually achieve anything. We have the distinct advantage of knowing what we are talking about with SEO and could see the problems before they happened.

Naturally we parted company.
Now, we’re not saying that all of these companies are the same, but we can tell you we have tried out around four different companies, from different countries, all to the same ends.
We know SEO, we know what should be done and we know when it’s not being done properly, and still we have little control, as these companies (sometimes in their desire to be helpful) just don’t understand the way we communicate.

What do you want as a client?
A trust worthy partner perhaps? Someone who is there when you need them? Easy to discuss things over the phone? Communication, in a language you can understand? Expertise in the market place and experience you can rely on?
More often than not cheap is expensive, as the famous saying goes. You have to consider how important your business is to you. Are you willing to put your business into the hands of someone you have never met, in a country you know nothing or little about, not knowing what they are doing with your information or how they are representing your company?

We know we wouldn’t be happy doing that!
Of course you’ll make up your own mind, and as they say, in the world of Twitter; I’m… #just saying….

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