At JCH we have a hell of a lot of experience in marketing and over the many years in B2B we have dealt with numerous companies, from solicitors to newspapers, from recruitment specialists to dating sites.

We can therefore speak to clients with authority and a proven strategy that has worked constantly for the past 5 years at least.

There is no secret, no hidden complex plan, just sound business advice we want to share with you and get results.

We use a simple and easy process to get you customers, BUT it does need your effort and application to make it a success.

The JCH Marketing Plan

The plan really is that simple:

  • Build your database of targets

  • Get to know them

  • Contact them with some great offers and stories

It really is this simple and yes, we know because it has worked for us and our clients over the years where they (with us) have made great sales!

Is that it? Well, yes, it is. We could overcomplicate it, but why should we? We want to see you succeed, that’s what we love.

The single most important factor when it comes to marketing your business is your target audience. The best product, best service is all pointless without your database, it is your goldmine.

You must have your own customer list, and if you haven’t got one, the quickest and most cost-effective means of getting new customers is to buy one and start working it as above.

B2B data is available for Free if you know where to look, but buying data is so much more successful & valuable.

Get your selection criteria right and you have a straight line to potential people most likely to buy from you, plus a story to tell them why they should be buying from you.

Make friends with your audience, we are more likely to buy from people that we like.

This is achieved through great interaction online, stories, articles, whitepapers, and authority pieces which create the three key elements

  • KNOW
  • LIKE

They KNOW you through your contact, through your online endeavours (SEO/Social)

They get to LIKE you as they see the things your company is talking about, the way you portray your business and that you are in the right places online when they look

They TRUST you, as you combine direct contact with them offering insights, good advice and comments and the fact that you appear (online and off) to be a well-organised and well put together business.

So, start your SEO and online approach, start communicating with them, think about how to do that; maintain that relationship, give them information and great content, it is as easy as that, so to re-cap:

  • Build a database
  • Deadlines encourage action
  • Price anchoring & premium product/service
  • Understand your prospects wants v needs
  • Power of storytelling

A minimum of once a week is what you will need. The content can also then be shared online LinkedIn, Social, Your Own Site, 300-400 words max, is fine.

Don’t try & be someone you are clearly not, get personal with them, get them to know you, trust you, because people like doing business with a person, not a faceless corporate.

Tell a story, use video, (this is ideal for online marketing) it is so powerful, use different mediums where you can…

So, in a nutshell & in conclusion:

Build your audience, make friends, and start selling and that is the simplicity of it

…BUT there is one big IF!

It will only work IF you do it  – because most of you won’t!

Get all these elements right and stick with it, it WILL work and bear fruit.

It will take time & graft, but it will work, because as we know it is proven!