Hats Off

When did the fun police suck the creativity out of this industry?

Hats OffWhen exactly did everything become about Google rankings, market share, optimise this and that and people who wear hats indoors explaining to other people that ‘It’s all about the stats’?

We’re not having it. It’s not all about the stats, although we’re good at that! A football match is not decided by how many saves a goalkeeper makes, because if a goalkeeper makes 10 saves in a match and they still lose 4-0, they’re still QPR.

Life’s too long to be spending hours of it worrying about margins and shaving off a few quid almost for the sake of it, or worse still throwing extra cash at a project because the indoor hat brigade have made us all believe that if “they must be good if they charge THAT much”. The next time you see someone wearing a hat indoors, ask yourself when that became allowed. The answer is ‘roughly around the time all the fun got sucked out of this industry’.

We are the people who smile, take off our hats and say “How do you do?” when we meet for the first time, because there’s nothing wrong with reclaiming a little bit of what made this industry special in the first place. That’s not to say it was the hats, but it was certainly the civility, the good humour and the care taken to look at each project individually and understand that if a client says to us “I’d just like a simple website” that’s probably what we ought to give them – We listen, learn and act!

‘Hero areas’ and ‘Traffic Funnels’ are great and all that, but if you start trying to sell them to a butcher who just wants to shift a few chops online there’s a good chance he’ll be packing his cleaver and sodding off before you finish explaining why sliders are ‘so 2013’. Sometimes you have to just listen and not foist your designer nonsense onto a client. Smile, take off your hat and say “How do you do?

Not every business has the budget of the BBC. Is it wrong to be up-front about costs and not try to shepherd every last moth from a prospective client’s wallet with spurious suggestions about what might shift them from fourth to third in the Google rankings? We say no.

Obviously if you really want to be third not fourth we’ll do everything in our power to get you there, though don’t blame us if we’d rather do it properly and get you to second or first for the same price, just because we take pride in our work.

All we want is to do right by people who want a bit of genuine work done. We won’t mess you about, we’re too long in the game (aka. experienced) for that. We’re the venerable elder statesmen of the design industry who continue to strive for respect and success in a way that today’s young whippersnappers have no time or patience for, as they cower behind stats about how your small stationery business would benefit from a fully featured mobile app. You know, just in case someone gets bored of Candy Crush Saga and decides to teach themselves to write with an actual pen and paper.

We don’t mess about, we listen to what you want and then use our knowledge and experience to give you exactly what you need. And if you catch us wearing hats indoors you have every right to shy at us like cheeky schoolboys at policemen’s helmets…call us now for a no hold bars, hats off all off and get some common sense marketing!

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