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HalloweenI was recently sitting in Costa (I managed to escape the office for a while and when I know I have some writing to do, Costa always seems to focus my mind) – maybe it’s the coffee! Maybe it’s Susie the barista.. no it’s probably the coffee! (Believe that and you’ll believe anything!)

Anyway, I was recently there writing an email for a ‘mindset’ marketing promotion (free e-book report – which leads into a funnel collecting email address.. I won’t bore you with it).. Anyway, I was there enjoying my skinny latte (I don’t want Susie to think I’m unhealthy.. so I trade off full fat milk for ‘skinny’ which then means I can have a large chocolate muffin, everyone’s a winner!)  Whilst stopping  a minute for inspiration, I overheard two  girls talking about Halloween. They were deciding which outfits to wear for a party.

I got me to thinking about how times have changed. I mean only a few years ago we didn’t really ‘do’ Halloween (for me “penny for the guy” was a much bigger event!)

Anyway, I started thinking about the commercial opportunities that Halloween provides (not only in the states I might add). Most marketers have embraced (or throttled) the spirit of  “All Hallows” as an opportunity and now it represents big bucks to all concerned.

Almost EVERY large company has produced some marketing led Halloween promotion. Whether it’s a ‘trick or tweet’ promotion or a Halloween video (some of the best, and I concede they do have a large budget) have received literally millions of views.

It got me to further thinking that sometimes as small businesses, we need a good reason to ‘reach out’ to our customers or potential customers, and the usual ‘have you seen how good we are at xyz’ doesn’t really cut it..

Almost everybody loves a clever Halloween (or similar) promotion. We think nothing of contacting our clients and customers with a Christmas message, but we stop short on using various (popular) events and holidays to help our businesses promote our brand or sales message.

I have therefore listed the next  possible events that we could promote together with yourselves. What about an html mailing together with some clever creative and a potential offer to potential new (or existing ) clients?

There is no reason why you can’t jump on the back of other countries’ holidays including Thanksgiving or Chinese New Year.. you could even get creative when doing this, and make it a bit fun.

Nov 5    Guy Fawkes Day
Nov 9    Remembrance Sunday
Nov 27  Thanksgiving – worth a go!
Nov 30  St Andrew’s Day
Dec 21   December Solstice
Dec 25   Christmas Day
Dec 26   Boxing Day
Dec 31   New Year’s Eve
I will provide a list of 2015 events in the New Year, it’s a good chance to do some planning for the forthcoming months and a chance to promote your company and offers (and a good excuse to hit that database)

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