If you don’t ask you don’t get….Peter Thomas – Purchasepoint MD Circa 1988…

There we were, sat in a meeting the other day with 3 directors of an SME discussing their marketing budget and working out the return on their investment (ROI).Naturally they were keen to know where they’d spent their money and how it was paying them back.

We proceeded to discuss the last email campaign we ran for them, which had achieved an opening rate & click through of double their industry average…’well we never got any orders from it’ said first Director!

I asked if they had followed it up with an introduction email, letter or even a phone call – silence is golden, blank looks at each other…Bingo! Even though we had discussed this with their marketing executive, nothing had been done to follow it up. So were they expecting said receipts to just pick the phone up & place an order there and then? If only it was that simple to get new business…

The reality is, that if this demographic (CEO’s) is your target market then the best way to reach them online is still by far and away the humble (boring) old email.

Email is how they stay in touch, it’s what gets their attention and it is where they spend most of their time online.

The lesson is that you ignore Email Marketing at your peril.

As a rule the average email campaign will bring you a return, providing you follow it up with a letter or phone call – pick the phone up. As my old boss used to say “have you asked for an order? Because if you don’t ask, you don’t get! “ The likelihood of making a sale increases by 7 times if you make contact by phone!!!

Email marketing and broadcasting may be boring, it may be “old school”, it may be way down the “excitement” index when compared with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and the like – but it has massive engagement with the largest online audience on the planet.

You already know that staying in touch with prospects and customers is vital to maximising your sales potential.

But, most businesses do NOT stay in touch like they should – and lose sales as a result.

Today, it is cheaper and easier than it has ever been to stay in touch with your database by using email broadcasting.

Used wisely, to a good list (usually your own), with quality content and in combination with other mediums, such as direct mail and telephone – it can unlock the massive sales potential sitting in your database today.

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