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Crafting Influential Content To Entice New Leads

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Site owners will often sit down and scratch their heads because their content isn’t drawing leads.
Why is this the case?

Content Creation Well, it’s one thing to write words down on paper and another to create magnetizing pieces people want to read.

So, what is the answer then? What do Internet marketers suggest is a must when crafting content to influence and build authority in a given niche?
There are many tips and tricks a person can use and here is advice everyone should be following.

Build Trust With Emotion
Grab a scientific journal and choose any academic article. What will you see? You will notice fantastic writing with immaculate grammar, but is it going to resonate when put on a site?

No, it’s not.

Most people would look at an academic journal and scoff because it’s difficult to read even if it’s well written. Most educational pieces are written to provide facts and target scholars.
The average Joe is not their audience.

However, for the standard marketer, you’re targeting the average Joe even if they’re knowledgeable about the topic. They don’t need academic pieces; they seek emotional pieces, which are trustworthy.

When you build trust through emotion, you get a foot in the door. It’s as simple as this.

Forget Templates
Ever go to a site, and it feels like they’ve followed a template? This gets worse when businesses are involved in the process. Most companies are using set templates to create content, and it leads to abysmal results.

The successful marketing campaigns let creativity flourish.

People know about templates. They might not understand the core features of your template, but they’ll know it right away when they start reading.
You have to break away from this structured approach to captivate. This is what marketing is all about. You want to capture their imagination like never before.

Move away from the template. Toss it in the garbage bin and start afresh.

Do something different and be open to new ideas. This is where marketers can set themselves apart.

Be Human
Yes, this is critical.

Marketing campaigns can turn a real corner when their content is humanized. You want people to feel like a normal person is speaking to them. Don’t make it appear as if a bot crafted the piece and posted it on your site.

You will never win anyone over.

If you want to connect with targets, you need to start by being human.
Want to use “LOL”? Do it.

Want to speak in first person? Do it!

Yes, these things work in the modern age because it makes you distinctive. Of course, you want to stay professional with your content, but mixing things up doesn’t hurt at all.
These are the tips and tricks experts list as being important in the modern age more than ever before. Too many marketing campaigns falter because templates are used to woo leads.
It won’t happen.

You have to change the approach and continue to collect data. This works in all niches, and it begins with a focused mindset on your end.

New Dawn, New Day – Be Positive

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When you think about how quick news travels and how the world is getting smaller and smaller with the power of the internet, we at the Chamber have been thinking about the disasters, economic outlook we have all seen with our own eyes via the mass media and the incredible speed that information moves via the Internet and in the main its all doom and gloom!
So, we decided to do a bit of research and see what good news there is out there and spread the word of positivity!

Here is my positive news for this coming winter and into 2012:- IQ scores are rising all around the world. A modern car emits 95 per cent less carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons than it did in the Seventies. Inequality is falling as poor countries such as India, Brazil and Botswana get rich faster than rich countries such as Britain, America and Japan.

So let’s put some other things in perspective with regard to the economy, because if you own a business, that is probably the most pressing issue on a weekday morning!

Today’s businesses are in pretty good shape. They are embracing the fact that good marketing is paramount to their business and the internet is the key to that growth. Emerging markets are also thriving with economises such as Brazil, India and China are growing at 6% annually and buying goods and services from the West. They are buying weapons’, pharmaceuticals, hi-tech electrical goods and services such as architectural knowledge, accountancy and logistical know how!

I have always been of the opinion that it is not Governments that improve the economy, stimulate growth, innovate and invent….It’s us that does that! The people of this great nation!At the South East London Chamber of Commerce we are constantly helping businesses grow, can we help you?

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